Playlist #20: Aghani Alabanat | Curated by Alsarah

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Arguably the most influential singular genre in Sudani pop music, “aghani albanat” “اغاني البنات” is an umbrella term that shades a variety of sub-genres and is used to describe folk music made by women and usually performed during popular ceremonies and social events (weddings, social gatherings, circumcisions, etc.) In itself, the musical form is very accessible as anyone is encouraged to come up with lyrics, whether just using clapping and call & response, or layering them over a huge canon of known regional and local melodies and their variants. Hence it is found across the entire country and serves as a uniting cultural influence from the smallest village to the largest urban center. From popular wedding rhythms like sayra and tum-tum, to the tongue in cheek underground taboo lyrics of zanig, “aghani albanat” has contributed to all aspects of popular modern Sudanese sounds and its practitioners, women mostly, have touched all parts of popular music. However misogyny has led to a cultural under-appreciation for the power and popularity of this music, casting loaded names on the mostly female artists such as “ghanaya” or “ingoma”, and savoring terms like ‘artists’ only to their male counterparts. That same misogyny allocated the female composers and their original songs to the realm of anonymity and folk, while giving writing credit to their male counterparts who are now deliberately writing songs in that same style and hiring the same singers to sing them. This playlist celebrates all the modern-day divas carrying the torch of the past divas before them.
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