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Marsm's Arabic Electronic Showcase

Established in 2017 in conjunction with Shubbak Festival, the UK’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture, Kahareb is Marsm’s pioneering Arabic electronic music showcase.

Born from the monumental rise in electronic music in the Aarab world over the last decade, Kahareb presents and promotes the spectacular talent behind the region’s burgeoning and groundbreaking music scenes. From Djs, electronic producers, live sampling and visual art, each event presents a unique line-up of artists, who apart from their live sets, are also invited to collaborate and improvise with the fellow musicians on the line-up, making each Kahareb night as special as the next.
In 2020, Kahareb has teamed up with the innimitable Jordanian/Palestinian musician,producer and DJEl Jehaz (47SOUL, Autostrad)  whose decades of experience have made him a London figurehead for Arabic electronica and a key curator for Kahareb events.
Most recently, Kahareb has expanded to include partnerships with Lebanon’s Beirut & Beyond Festival and is looking to work with an increased number of labels, collectives and festivals.

Past editions have included: Sama’, Shkoon, Maurice Louca, Missy Ness, Nuri and more