Young Producers Residency

Marsm was lucky enough to be awarded Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, which allowed us to offer training and support to young people who wanted to produce their own events and creative projects. Here’s what our Young Producers have been up to during their time at Marsm:

Shaima Alterkawi

With Arab musicians at its centre, Ya Jama’a builds creative bridges between the musical cultures and heritages of the SWANA (South West and North Africa) region and London’s vibrant and diverse creative scenes. An evening beyond genre and borders, this jam brings together musicians and music enthusiasts to celebrate the beauty and versatility of instruments and voices from the Arab-speaking region. A night of improvisation, collaboration, and connection. You do not need to be Arab, know Arabic music or play an Arab instrument to join! We not only welcome but encourage people from all over and of all musical abilities to join in (or just listen).

Ya Jama’a – A Jam Session Beyond Borders

Ola Brewster

Make A Note is the podcast series which discusses the links between music, culture and community. Together we’ll be listening to the music and stories of artists from around the world with presenter Ola Brewster. They’ll be providing more insight into how music has impacted their life and how in turn they are using their work to benefit the communities around them. The project aims to make arts education more accessible and diverse by creating a space for musical and cultural exchange.

The podcast currently consists of six episodes, featuring exceptional musicians from a range of traditions and practices. Ola has enjoyed speaking to these great artists and each conversation has taught her something different. She looks forward to sharing the wonderful stories and musical knowledge with her friends, family and audience. 

Presentation and Production: Ola Brewster
Podcast Artwork: Charlotte Casey
Introduction Music: Lakshmi

Layla Kara

Open Mic Night – A Night of Arabic Music is a night which brings together a range of talented musicians and singers from across the Arab world and beyond, collaborating to perform not only your favourite Arabic classics but also original songs and unexpected mashups.

Audiences come from all over London to enjoy the performances, meet like-minded people, and feel a sense of home through music. The environment is always warm, friendly, and supportive and provides a rare moment for people to pause and lose themselves in the beauty of Arabic music and culture, amidst fast-paced London life.

Since the beginning of the Young Producers Residency, Layla has organised three sold out Open Mic Nights – each event reaching larger venues to welcome and host larger audiences.

Open Mic Night – A Night of Arabic Music