#4 Root Radio Collective

About the mix:

A collective mix from the founders of root radio, Ahmedshk, howl and ret. The mix is a sonic journey of a selection of ambient, folk, jazz and electronic music from the local and global scene, hand picked carefully from the team to your ears.

About the mixers:

Root Radio is an independent radio based in Istanbul broadcasting from all around the world. The project’s purpose is to create a community where artists, crate diggers, activists, and aficionados can experiment, contribute, share, and expand the project itself.





Kardeş Türküler – Mîrkut


Erdal Erzincan – Medet [Beş Bağlama Konserleri © 2019 Temkeş Müzik]

Ipek Gorgun – Neroli

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh – Gachma Gözal Live Munich 1994

Volkan Ergen Hoşnutluk Vadisi Orkestrası – Jürg

Hüma Utku – Wherein All Things Are Like The Void (AREA Z)

Seskamol – Sausage Cancer

Ali Asaad & Hassan Ali – Arab Scharqiyya عرب الشرقية

Jtamu – Rahatla

Muqata’a – Simya’ سِيميَاء

Mikail Aslan – Bahçelerde Ot Olur

Unknown Artist – Wu Bulang Theravada Buddhist Drum Ensemble

Ekin Fil – Episodes

Kim Ki O – Siddet, Kin ve Yuk (Grup Ses Beats Balina Kasa remix)