#3 Basma

About the mix:

This mix features popular and folk music from around Sudan, with sounds from Halfa, Kassala, Blue Nile, Darfur and Khartoum.

About the mixers:

Basma is of Nubian Sudanese descent and is based in London. She hosts the Khartoum Arrivals show on NTS Radio where she likes to tap into memories tied to old Sudanese love songs.





Sabet Osman – Halima

Mustafa Bikheit – Abooy Ma Tagool Layho La

Abdelmoniem Wad Azoom – Unknown Title

Daoud Khalil – Unknown Title

Hanan Al Nil and Ibrahim Al Hassan – Aghla Al Habaeb

Nada Al Galaa – Tayha

Insaaf Madani – Biti Sit Al Nas

Arka Mohammad Sabir and Sidi Doshka – Haida Doba

Unknown Artist – Dance Songs at a Wedding