EP 1: Liliane Chlela

We launch our podcasts with a discussion with Beirut-based electronic music producer, sound artist and hybrid DJ Liliane Chlela. Known for her masterful manipulation of sound and technology, Liliane’s unique pieces significantly contributed to the electronic music scene in Lebanon. From her mesmerising performance at Boiler Room Beirut, to more recent collaborations with Mashrou’ Leila’s Hamed Sinno in Butcher’s Bride and her latest collaboration with Iraqi multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami on her latest album Malign/Benign, Liliane has a sound for every step of the journey.  


Bill Evans: Piece Peace

Liliane Chlela: Ode to Cello

Liliane Chlela: 2020

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew


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