Date: March 23, 2022
Venue: Kings Place
Address: 90 York Way, London N1 9AG
Time: 20:00
Ages: All ages
Organized by: MARSM UK
Accessibility: Fully wheelchair accessible

Renowned composer and Oud virtuoso Saied Silbak presents his celebrated project ‘Bala Bizer’ for the first time in London.

Following a conversation with his grandmother, Silbak was inspired by how the simple preference of liking watermelons with – or without – seeds, became the starkest metaphor to the intergenerational differences separating him and her.

At the core of this crafty musical project is Silbak’s original instrumental pieces and compositions that focus on the past, the present, and intangible expectations from something yet unknown. Bala Bizer translates as ‘Genetically Modified’ or ‘seedless’, a fitting title to an insightful project that examines the depth of generational change, global circumstances and Palestinian cultural issues.

Performing in quartet format:
Saied Silbak – Oud
Fred Thomas – Double Bass
Gustavo Clayton-Marucci – Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Harry Ling – Drums