Date: June 09, 2024
Venue: ICA
Address: The Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5AH
Time: 18:15
Ages: UK PREMIERE: Diaries from Lebanon
Event Type: Film Screening

ALiF is proud to present a number of films from Lebanon to showcase the various stories the regions has to offer.


In the ever-present desire to capture, record, and understand Beirut, and by extension himself, director Zakaria Jaber has been trying to tell a coherent story of his city.  

Towards the end of 2019, the situation in Lebanon led to a continuous barrage that helped materialise the story of Beirut, and its culmination in a series of events in fluctuating climaxes. Anxious in Beirut is Zakaria’s personal diary that documents these events – the revolution, destruction and demonstrations. 

Living with constant anxiety, Zakaria narrates his own life while a series of unfortunate events prevent him from leaving Lebanon. These events, which have happened before and will happen again, are part of the cyclical nature of this city. The differing details only give rise to new observable symptoms and new forms of necessary adaptability, to an older more inherent systemic problem.

It is through the intersectionality between the general and the personal, the public and private, the old and young, that we are able to answer: why are we anxious in Beirut?

Anxious in Beirut is an award-winning documentary that holds a mirror to Lebanese society, and is screening as part of the inaugural Arts of Lebanon Festival (ALiF), co-produced by Marsm and AM Productions.

The screening will be followed with a screen talk with the director.