Hishek Bishek

“The biggest crowd reactions are for the 90s pop songs and the hi-tempo Egyptian street songs … [while] foot-stomping dabke from the Levantine region [plays] at a frenetic, deft rhythmic beat. The dabke songs have people holding hands in small groups and stomping their feet to the rhythm, while the Egyptian mahraganat tracks have people moving as though it were a hip-hop night.”

– The Guardian



Paying homage to the Middle East’s popular music history, Hishek Bishek is a pulsing club night dedicated to the region’s vibrant sonic cultures. A vibrant staple in London’s late-night club scene, Hishek Bishek is a potent homage to the soundtracks of celebration and popular music across the Arab world.
Now in its 17th edition, the night booms until the early hours, featuring tracks from chart-topping Iraqi & Lebanese dancefloor hits, Syrian & Palestinian electronic dabke, the newest releases from Cairo’s underground and nostalgic synthed-out 90’s classics. From cutting edge new releases, bootleg recordings and those darned cheesy classics that you just can’t get enough of, Hishek Bishek journeys through some of the most bass-heavy and hypnotic tunes around.

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