Have you ever dreamed of becoming a DJ? Do you want to get on stage and share your music but don’t know where to start? Learn the foundations needed to become a DJ in this intensive course that can jumpstart your DJ career and passion, supported by Arts Council England and produced by MARSM UK. 

The Course:

Over 11 sessions, participants in this course will get the hands-on practice and practical guidance needed to become a DJ.

The Cohort (who is this course for?):

This course is suited to budding DJs based in and around London. No prior experience is necessary; whether you want to show off your songs to friends or become the next big international DJ, this is an intensive course that will jumpstart your career.

The Cost:

£960  ** Though this course is already subsidised by the Arts Council, we don’t want anyone to be put off by the price – so please get in touch and we can discuss discounts and subsidy options to suit your budget.
This includes a Pioneer DDJ-400 controller, Rekordbox (software) and professional DJ headphones. You can be reimbursed £300 by returning the controller at the end of the course, or you can choose to keep the controller after the course, to see you into your DJ career.

You will need a computer able to run the Rekordbox software. You can see if your computer is compatible with the software here: https://rekordbox.com/en/download/#system.

After completing this course there is a potential for graduates to be offered DJ slots at MARSM events (with fees) to make up the cost of the course.

The Curriculum:

Lessons will be in 2 to 4 hour segments and will take place in a combination of online and in-person (London) sessions. Each lesson will cover a new topic while reviewing past material accompanied by exercises, homework and tasks. 

Program Orientation & Introduction | In Person
This introductory session will include an overview of the course, a brief history of DJing and an introduction to the software and hardware we will be using.

Music Discovery & Collection, Formats, Analog vs. Digital | Online
In this second session, we will explore techniques of discovering, collecting and managing music in various formats

Recap and Review | Online
This week we ensure all students are up to speed and can review the new and existing material

Introduction to Music Structure & Music Theory | In Person
Next we delve deeper, taking a look at the relationship between musical structure and mixing

Basic Mixing Techniques & Introduction to the Mixer | In Person
Now we get to grips with the functionality of the mixer and try out various mixing techniques.

Sound Systems, Cables, Adapters & Industry Gear | Online 
In this session, we consolidate and expand the learning from lessons 3 & 4 and learn more about the kit.

Music Manipulation & Introduction to Jog Wheels | In Person
In this session, we expand on what we learned in lesson 2 and learn more about the advanced capabilities of the equipment

Advanced Mixing Techniques | In Person
Today, we take a deep dive into looping, filters and effects, using both hardware and software

Planning Your Set | Online
Now we’re ready to plan a set. In this session, we consider track choice, context, audience and preparing the perfect playlist.

Knowing the Business; Kickstart Your Career | Online
Now we start to consider the bigger picture. Together we create a roadmap towards developing a professional profile, clientele and audience.

Summary & Program Finale | In Person
This slightly longer session allows for reflection, evaluation and sharing. Participants are encouraged to perform an optional live set to the rest of the group.

This course will focus on Arabic music in particular, but will use contemporary electronic music more broadly, training students to have an understanding of how both Western and non-Western music structures work, specifically in a DJ and performance context.

The course will be taught in English.

Online & In Person:

Classes will take place partly online and partly in person (London). All classes will be recorded and available to rewatch and study, however we strongly recommend that participants do not miss more than one class.

The Tutor/Teacher:

At the controls you have acclaimed Arab-American DJ, producer, DJ instructor and event organiser DJ Supermike. Based in Haifa, Palestine he has become one of the main actors of the party scene, best known for his seamless blends of nostalgic Arabic pop classics and bass-heavy Middle Eastern beats, while also being resident DJ at MARSM’s long standing, well-loved club night Hishek Bishek in London. In the past, he’s opened for artists such as 47Soul, TootArd, The Synaptik, DAM, Autostrad, Faraj Suleiman and more, alongside running events across Palestine for many years. Supermike has an unmatched ability to use hip-hop influenced turntable techniques, combining it with layering & looping to produce a unique live sound to his DJ sets – keeping the masses dancing with his unique blend of top of the chart Lebanese hits, Egyptian Mahraganat, Syrian Dabke, Iraqi and Khaleeji bangers and much more.

How to sign up:

Given high demand, all prospective participants will need to register their interest VIA THIS FORM. If demand outnumbers available slots, we will be choosing participants that can best benefit from this course. 

For any questions or queries, please contact info@marsm.co.uk. Please note that spaces are limited in this course.