EP 4: TootArd

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Hasan Nakhleh from the inventive duo, TootArd, from the Occupied Golan Heights. Meaning “strawberries” in Arabic, the band are loved for their morphed reggae, psyche-rock, quarter tones, heavy synths, and most recently sprinkled pop. 

The trailblazing ensemble was formed a decade ago by brothers Hasan and Rami Nakhleh. With 3 albums under their belt, the duo have evolved their musical style significantly since 2010. 

Their first album Nuri Andaburi, released in 2011, was heavily influenced by reggae music reflecting on the relationship with land and earth. It was followed by their internationally lauded album Laissez Passer in 2017, in which they explored the fraught definition of borders and identity, expressing themselves through “mountain rock reggae”  with a fusion of Jamaican and Arabic rhythms. This year, they released their latest album, Migrant Birds, a journey through 80’s Arabic disco and funk, letting the synths navigate the microtones. 

Tune in to hear stories about growing up in the Occupied Golan Heights. Find out more about the music that shaped the brothers, and how their latest album was conceived, all while uncovering musical gems cherished by Hasan along the way.


Podcast Track List

Najat Al Saghira: Ah Law Te3raf | اه لو تعرف – نجاة

TootArd: Ash-Sham الشام  (Nuri Andaburi, 2011) 

TootArd: Trouble Watan تراب الوطن (Migrant Birds, 2020)

Farid Al-Atrash فريد الأطرش : Albi wa Moftaho  قلبي ومقتاحه


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