The Elevator Podcast #2: Ghalia Benali

In our second podcast we ride the Music Elevator with Ghalia Benali, the Tunisian singer, musician and storyteller who carved her path through a musical marriage between East and West. Her multicultural and polymorphic voice has had a significant impact on contemporary Arabic music. 

Ghalia’s works include Kafichanta, Wild Harissa, Romeo and Leila, Al Palna and The Indian Hadra, Ghalia Benali sings Oum Kalthoum, Allegory of Desire, MwSOUL and most recently, Call to Prayer. 

Listen to Ghalia telling us the story of her latest album, discover how she has been making her music, how her musical path has evolved and what she’s listening to in these times. Put on your headphones and jump in the elevator with us. 



Podcast Track List

Ghalia Benali: Let Go

Ghalia Benali: Hanine (From the album Wild Harissa)

Ghalia Benali: Antidote (From the album Athan/Call to Prayer)

Ghalia Benali: La Badinage (From the album Athan/Call to Prayer)


Explore Ghalia Benali’s music and works further on:

Spotify     Apple Music      YouTube     Instagram

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