Playlist #5: North African Producers

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North Africa is known for its rich musical heritage that is undergoing an electronic renewal of its heritage sounds. This playlist has handpicked gems from the most renowned to the most groundbreaking finds in the rich electronic music scene of the region. 

From Egypt to Algeria, we have included the brilliant works of Maurice Louca, to the harder industrial sounds of Deena Abdelwahed, and the latest music produced in confinement by prolific Tunisian producer Khalil Epi. 

Dive deep with us into the soundwaves of North African electronica.

What are MARSM Playlists?

Marsm’s weekly playlists take on the musical history, trends and upcoming productions from the Middle East and North African music scene. Each week focuses on a new theme, showcasing both underground and established artists – from the more dance-able to the most experimental – and everything in between.