Playlist #11: Indie Rock

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Rock was adopted in the Arab world from the moment of its emergence as a genre. However, it is only in the last two decades that we see a real boom in indie rock musicians who have risen from the underground of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine, in addition to other regions and who have become world renowned. 

Staple names include Yasmine Hamdan, Cairokee and El Morabba. This playlist includes a motley of bands and musicians from all around the Arab speaking world, showcasing the diversity of the genre and the richness of its adaptations. Each act brings their distinct flavour to the genre. 

What are MARSM Playlists?

Marsm’s weekly playlists take on the musical history, trends and upcoming productions from the Middle East and North African music scene. Each week focuses on a new theme, showcasing both underground and established artists – from the more dance-able to the most experimental – and everything in between.