#2 Radio Alhara

About the mix:

Collective mix by Radio Alhara founders Elias Anastas, Yousef Anastas, Saeed Abu Jaber, Yazan Khalili and Mothanna Hussein. This mix was put together for MARSM Digital. It showcases an eclectic selection of music arranged in sequences of unforeseen sonic analogies.

About the mixers:

Radio Alhara is a communal radio station that broadcasts from Bethlehem, Ramallah and Amman to the world.

The radio uses its platform to explore the rich terrain of sound, hosting live and recorded music sets by a continually expanding roster of amateur and professional DJs, composers and sound artists. They broadcast soundtracks, audio documentaries and essays, conversations and talks, podcasts, poetry, speeches, but also any and all sounds that pique their curiosity and further their appreciation for listening. ⠀ ⠀

“At Radio Alhara, we want to carve out a sonic space that fosters experiences of collective listening and exchange, and have fun doing it. ”





Mahmoud Hassan: Maqam Dasht

Smog Mecanique: Oblique

Ash Koosha: Mudafossil

Ahmad Abdul Malik: Ismaa

Dinosaurs: Sinister Purposes

Chris Harwood: Never Knew What Loves Was

ATA Records: Kaye Okay

Augustus Pablo: Java

Mariem Hassan: Haiyu

Andréa Daltro: Kiuá

Sarathy Korwar: Bismillah

Cheb Mami: Yahamami

Zeid Hamdan feat John: Ana beecha albahr

Muqata’a:  Dijla Wal Fada