Artist Features

Highlighting the dynamic and versatile artists at the heart of what we do, our ‘Artist of the Month’ series includes articles about some of the region’s most visionary artists. Inspired by audience demand for more information about the musicians they love, each article will feature questions, comments and other contributions from our online community.

  • Artist of the Month #1: Hello Psychaleppo

    Electro-Tarab: Electrifying a century-old Arabic tradition “What is it that you actually do?” was a question that producer and audio-visual artist Samer Saem Eldahr (aka Psychaleppo) took many yea.

  • Artist of the Month #2: Marcel Khalife

    For most of the Arabic-speaking world, Marcel Khalife requires no introduction: his songs were hummed by our parents, played on our tape recorders and sung together at home and in the street; today hi.

  • Artist of the Month #3: Felukah

    Soliloquies of pride and versatility: Felukah on finding her space and shaping her citadels I grew up in a context where the plural is the focus, feed the people, treated equal, plus we revolution loc.

  • Artist of the Month #4: Faraj Suleiman

    Setting the stage: trailblazing the new Arabic jazz Currently regarded as one of the leading contemporary jazz pianists and composers of the Middle East, Faraj Suleiman built his scene and sound, from.