Cairo Jazzman

This film is no longer available.

Our music documentary in June was Atef Ben Bouzid’s debut ‘Cairo Jazzman‘, which was available to watch for free, for all, from anywhere, from June 01 – June 15.

This captivating political music documentary about the critically acclaimed Cairo Jazz Festival and its founder Amr Salah. Dedicated to the Egyptian people, the film provides a rare insight into the functioning of civil society and astute observation of the struggles and obstacles of everyday life in Cairo. Operating on a non-profit-basis and with limited funding sources, the Cairo Jazz Festival has grown into a unique platform which brings together local and international musicians united in their love for jazz and their desire to share, cultivate, and pass it on to the next generation.

If you missed the film or would like to rewatch it, Cairo Jazzman is available to stream on Qwest TV.