Date: October 16, 2020
Venue: Online
Time: 18:00
Organized by: Marsm + SOAS Kurdish Society

The Only Trees (Online Screening) +  Q&A with director Şêro Hindê

Marsm is proud to announce our streaming collaboration with SOAS Kurdish society for:

About The Only Trees – الأشجار الوحيدة – Darên bi tenê:

A fascinating documentary exploring the “dengbej” musical heritage of the singers, poets and storytellers from Northern Syria’s Rojava region. Featuring a stunning scenery of poetic landscapes, the film is interlaced with stories of Kurdish and Assyrian songs that narrate the long history of love and suffering of this semi-autonomous region. With a polyethnic population of Kurds, Assyrians and Armenians, witness a new generation of storytellers from Komina Filma Rojava film collective, as they pay tribute to the men and women keeping the stories, dance, heritage and lives of Rojava’s people alive through their songs.