Date: July 01, 2023
Venue: Rich Mix London
Address: 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA
Time: 20:00
Ages: 16+
Organized by: Shubbak Festival

As part of Shubbak Festival 2023, Marsm presents Love & Revenge: A DJ set where electro-pop meets film – an extraordinary ode to Arab cinema from the 70s and 80s. 

Using the precious heritage of Arab cinema, Love & Revenge emerged as the glorious musical brainchild of Wael Koudaih (Rayess Bek) and Randa Mirza (La Mirza). For this special London show, Wael Koudaih will be taking on the stage by himself, and bring his spectacular pulsing history with him. 

Whether revisiting popular songs and films from the golden era of Cairo’s Studio Misr, or trawling through the vaults to spotlight the brilliant, yet underrated regional actors from countries such as Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania, Love & Revenge has become known as one of the most intriguing musical projects from the region. 

Never before has ‘watching the drama unfold’ been so exciting. Clips from these bygone movies layer with Wael’s music machines while he transports us through the drama, love, pathos, and tragedy of the reels of the past. 

Presented as part of Shubbak Festival, produced by Marsm and generously supported by Arts Council England.