Date: July 28, 2023
Venue: The Lower Third
Address: 26 Denmark St, London WC2H 8NJ
Time: 19:00
Ages: 16+

Somaliland singer, poet, and cultural activist artist Sahra Halgan stops by the capital for a debut show as part of her UK WOMAD appearance with her live band. Songs from the golden age of Somali scenes, vintage East African grooves, lilting basslines, and Halgan’s emblematic voice mark her anticipated concert and a night not to be missed!

While her grandfather was a known poet and singer, Sahra’s venture into singing was in clear defiance of tribal and family conventions, a rebellious streak that would later fuel her mesmerising work. 

It was in the context of the war and the terrible repression of the 80s’ dictatorship of Siad Barre that Sahra took the nickname of ‘Halgan’ or ‘fighter’. A nurse on the frontlines, she both treated and sung to the wounded, as well as using her songs to encourage the fighters. Since then, her steadfast commitment to her music, and her people have shaped her as one of the most well known Somaliland singers. 

Forced into political exile, it would be over two decades before she could return home, and to her music. Since then, her tireless political commitment for the independence of her county is at the heart of her musical inspirations and sounds. Sarah uses the power of her lyrics and melodic voice to engage in the fight of liberty among the Somaliland people. 

Halgan sings for her country, returning to address both the dance floor and the conscience. This new repertoire includes original compositions, traditional pieces, and songs from the golden age of Somali scenes.

  • This show is 16+
  • This is a standing concert