Date: December 07, 2019
Venue: The Jago
Time: Not Specified
Ages: 18+ (Gov. ID Required)
Organized by: MARSM UK
Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible

A Glorified House Party for All of You Music Lovers, Record Collectors and Smooth Groovers. Let's Spin the Night Away!

MARSM UK is excited to collaborate with London grassroots music collective Makkam to bring you our anticipated End of Year Party!

Artéria FM has become a popular name through her vivid live electronic performances of popular Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian music and folklore. Her vibrant compositions pay homage to the larger Ameri-Indian music traditions of the region, recomposing and re-presenting its sounds with a captivating twist. One of her most popular collaborations, ‘Folha de Jurema’ was released in 2017 with revered producer Nicola Cruz to high acclaim.

Meet the musical journey of a world-travelling record collector. Diggin’ records from North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America, where percussions and the contemporary legacy of the diaspora of these continents and their new generations result in electrifying and diverse rhythms.

Makkam is a London-based collective known for their high-energy and intimate, vinyl-only parties, collaborating with some of London’s most passionate diggers. Their deep, funky beats and soulful rhythms from around the world bring the dancefloor to life. Makkam is a word for melodic modes, music as well as meaning a state of higher elevation.