Date: October 07, 2021
Venue: The Jazz Cafe
Address: 5 Parkway, London NW1 7PG
Time: 19:00
Ages: 18+
Organized by: Marsm UK

From Palestine to Yemen: Three cunning independent artists take the Jazz Cafe stage for a thrilling evening of music. Featuring acoustic guitar hip-hop, heavy electronic beats and a jazzy blend of poetic dream pop, El Far3i, Ruba Shamshoum and Intibint bring their raw, distinct flavours to Camden.

El Far3i
Encapsulating a unique combination of Arabic acoustic folk and hip-hop, El Far3i is a celebrated Palestinian-Jordanian songwriter, rapper, drummer, and producer.

Ruba Shamshoum
A riveting combination of poetic dream pop, jazz and Middle Eastern soul, Palestinian singer and musician Ruba Shamshoum tells bold stories of femininity and vulnerability, and celebrates human connection to nature and one’s self.

Dubbed ‘one of the most interesting and promising new voices’ in the region, Intibint takes the Jazz Cafe stage for an intimate, captivating and raw live perfomance.