Date: November 17, 2022
Venue: Cabaret Sauvage
Address: 59 Boulevard Macdonald 75019 Paris France
Time: 19:00
Ages: This event is 12+ . Any minor to be accomanpanied by 18+.
Organized by: MARSM UK + Mir'a

Adonis performs its anticipated upcoming album ‘Hadis El Layl’ in Paris.

Famed Lebanese pop/rock band Adonis first came into sight with its debut single “Stouh Adonis” (2012), a dance tune relaying tales of night-time adventures on the rooftops of the group’s small suburban town. Renowned for its signature Arabic lyrics and blistering live performances, Adonis captured the hearts of an avid and devoted fan base and have since performed sold out shows at major venues and independent festivals across the Arabic-speaking world, such as Carthage International Festival (Tunisia), Baalbeck International Festival (Lebanon), Amman Roman Amphitheatre (Jordan) and Arab World Institute (France).

Launching its sixth studio album “Hadis El Layl” (Night Talks), Adonis will be performing two back-to-back concerts at Paris’ Cabaret Sauvage (November 17) and Berlin’s Oyoun (November 19), just a few days after the release of the much anticipated record. For the first time ever, the band will be performing songs from the new album as well as fan favorites from its impressive 10-year spanning catalogue.