Credit: Greg Dewode

Articulating the many elements of contemporary Egyptian society that drive their generation, Cairokee’s anthemic calls for freedom and societal changes have become the soundtrack to a generation and an innate reflection of their unparalleled fan base. The name name itself expresses the bands irrefutable connection with their Egyptian audiences, combining Cairo & Karaoke to symbolize their “singing along” with Cairo. Yet after over 15 years of performing and four albums, their captivating energy, creativity and humility has ensured that it is now Cairo that sings along with them, and not the other way around.

Their latest and sixth album “Ugly Duckling” was launched in March 2019 and builds upon Cairokee’s “Parallel Universe” established in their song “No2ta Beida” (White Dot). It is a space through which they invite all the ‘outcasts’ to break free from patriarchal and societal shackles, traditions and restrictions. All that cannot be discussed is put on display through the ugly – the ugly duckling. Musically, the album builds on the band’s iconic indie, pop and chaabi rock traditions while dancing its way through electronic influences and cutting vocals.


Past MARSM Shows

01/03/20 Electric Ballroom - Album release - Supported by Juliana Yazbek
02/11/18Jazz Cafe - Supported by Dana Dajani
01/11/18Liverpool Philharmonic - Supported by Dana Dajani
31/10/18Manchester Band on the Wall - Supported by Rafeef Ziada
30/10/18Birmingham Hare and Hounds
10/07/17The Barbican - Shubbak Festival - Double bill with Tania Saleh
03/03/16 ULU Live
24/01/15229 The Venue