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MARSM is a platform that we've needed in the music industry for a long time. They responsibly represent and celebrate alternative Arabic music and its artists as they promote the vibrant music scene to international audiences. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with them.

Hello Psychaleppo Celebrated pioneer producer of Electro-Tarab

MARSM is one of the very important platforms promoting and supporting independent art, produced mainly by artists who seek pathways to freed and liberating artistic expressions.

Kamilya Jubran Renowned oud player, singer, composer and experimental artist

Working seriously, supporting sincerely, while still your faithful friends. This is how I can describe Marsm. It was an honor cooperating with you!

Hamza Namira Leading Egytpian songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist

"Independent artists are able to reach audiences and fill up venues far away from their homes because of networks created by promoters like Marsm. Marsm is one of the ways in which 47SOUL has been able to carry our sound from Bilad Al Sham to the rest of the world and have eased the way for us as a band to feel at home in London"

47SOUL Electro-Shamstep Pioneers

Independent Music, no matter how strong and good can never reach the proper audiences if not for the work of independent promoters like MARSM. These are the real champions of the global DIY scene. Very happy to be part of this network and family.

Alsarah Musician, ethnomusicologist and head of Alsarah and the Nubatones

Marsm’s effort in exposing the thriving alternative scene is consistent and resilient. I’m much looking forward to collaborate with them again.

Yasmine Hamdan Singer, songwriter