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Marsm’s effort in exposing the thriving alternative scene is consistent and resilient. I’m much looking forward to collaborate with them again.

Yasmine Hamdan Singer, songwriter

Independent Music, no matter how strong and good can never reach the proper audiences if not for the work of independent promoters like MARSM. These are the real champions of the global DIY scene. Very happy to be part of this network and family.

Alsarah Musician, ethnomusicologist and head of Alsarah and the Nubatones

Being someone who is very passionate about Arab youth-culture and especially independent Arabic music, MARSM's incredible events were a great way to showcase Arab talent and to gather people together to display to the public an often hidden side of Arab youth. The performances were raw, true and ultimately, a blast.

Daniel Meyhar Journalist

It's because of people like Marsm that artists can be successful and independent.

Narcy aka The Narcicyst - Rapper and musician