Legendary Arab Hiphop DJ

 Cunning, creative and inventive, DJ Sotusura has become known as one of the most intriguing contributors to the Middle East’s hip hop scene. Emerging with the nascent development of underground groups such as Ramallah Underground in the early 2000s, his love for collecting records has defined his signature sound and expertise. Releasing his first Arabic Hiphop mixtape ‘Al Arabi Mo5’ in 2013, his impressive collections of beats and tracks has him sought out by artists such as DAM, El Far3i, Malikah, Omar Offendum and Narcy while opening shows in Amman for touring acts such as Sean Paul and Akon.  

In 2019, he released his anticipated debut solo album ‘Saleh El Ahlan’ (The Adequate Melodies). A long journey comes to life, the album is a confirmation of DJ Sotusura’s signature edge and compelling 16-track instrumental album that mixes samples of some of the most iconic, singer and music producers from the Middle East with old school hip hop beats.