Le Trio Joubran

Trio Joubran

Oud Trio Extraordinaire from Palestine

 Evocative and trailblazing, the three Jubran brothers, Samir, Wissam and Adnan, hail from a Palestinian family synonymous with the rich musical heritage of the Oud. Playing together since childhood, they craft complex and remarkably varied compositions that pay tribute to the instrument’s trailblazing history. Revitalising its contemporary musical landscape with hints of blues, flamenco, jazz and rock, the brothers are a captivating display of talent and dedication, as they communicate profound ideas about history, musical evolution, and the aesthetics of Arabic music. Meanwhile, their captivating performances delve deep into mesmerising improvisations while brooding Arabic melodies build up into quick-fire arrangements.

Releasing their debut album ‘Randana’ over 15 years ago, they have since released six albums, including the acclaimed original soundtrack for the French film “The Last Flight”. Their most recent album ‘The Long March’, represents a landmark and a new landscape in their musical convictions. Featuring a collaboration with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, the album was released on the UK music label, Cooking Vinyl.