Hello Psychaleppo

Photo credit Andrew Cagle

Electro Tarab Syrian Dance

Hailing from one of the most musically rich cities in the Levant, Hello Psychaleppo is the brainchild of pioneering Syrian music producer and visual artist Samer Saem Eldahr. Deeply rooted in Arabic music traditions, Hello Psychaleppo’s work captivates listeners with melodic strains of Tarab threaded seamlessly together with his unique strain of electronic music. 

Hello Psychaleppoʼs first album “Gool Lʼah”, pioneered the genre of Electro-Tarab, with his unique productions gaining a significant following both in the Arab World and internationally. The album was the first of its kind, combining Arabic music theory and rhythms with repurposed electronic music tools – a cunning homage to a cornerstone of Arabic music and a unique testament to the rich sonic history of the region. Integral in his live performances are his compelling visual graphics, programmed and designed by him; a live sensory experience that engages the soul and moves the body. 

Described by VICE Magazine as “a pastiche of twitchy electronic sounds and golden age Arab pop music of the 1950s and 60s…alternately danceable and cathartic, melancholic and apocalyptic. Itʼs Massive Attack meets Abdel Halim Hafez.” Since his seminal 2013 release, Hello Psychaleppo has released two full albums, ʼHA!ʼ (2014) and ‘Toyourʼ (2017) alongside a wide array of collaborations with artists such as Bu Nasser, El Rass, El Far3i, Jundi Majhool and Nass El Hal.