Arabic Trap Pioneer 

Msallam Hdaib aka Emsallam is a Jordanian/Palestinian rapper,
painter and audio visual artist based in Moscow.

In 2016, he released his first solo album “The Last Step”, a fifteen
track edgy and riveting trap album produced by long standing collaborator The Archiducer (Ayman Salhi). His second album “Post-colonialism”, released in 2018 achieved significant critical acclaim with “Ijramen Anhen”, a single featuring Krist Alzou’bi and Al-Wesam. This track lays the blueprint for an exciting fusion of Arab folk and trap.

In all the artistic mediums he traverses, including painting and audiovisual art, Hdaib challenges taboo subjects, offering original commentary on what he sees as an oppressively conservative society. A dimensional character with strong convictions and artistic capabilities, Emsallam is one of the most intriguing talents coming up in regional hip hop.