El Morabba3

Palestinian – Jordanian post electronic rock

One of the leading bands on the Arab Independent music scene, El Morabba3 came to life in 2009 with their distinctive, groundbreaking sound and socially engaged lyrics. Described as euphoric, holistic, spacey, and raucous, the Jordanian-Palestinian band quickly catapulted to massive success, releasing their self-titled debut album in 2012 and their second, Taraf al-Khait, in 2016. In addition to shows in Jordan, El Morabba3 has played sold-out concerts to audiences in Egypt, Turkey, Europe, and the Gulf States. The band’s artistic journey has seen many changes over the years and now works as a collective project of musicians and producers led by co-founder and song writer Muhammad Abdullah (voice, bass, lyrics), with producer Basel Naouri (keyboard, trumpet, electronic production), Zeid Mseis (drums and percussion), and Firas Arrabi (electric guitar).