El Far3i

Arabic acoustic folk meets hip-hop

Encapsulating a unique combination of Arabic acoustic folk and hip-hop, El Far3i is a celebrated Palestinian-Jordanian songwriter, rapper, drummer, and producer. Over the past decade, El Far3i’s sound has become a unique musical narrative expressed through numerous popular anthems and chantable earworms that echo far beyond the region of his hometown of Amman.

With a distinct voice that contrasts soulful melodies with raw verses and chants, his themes emerge from the region’s subconscious, providing a unique archive of the socio-psychological, political and personal subtexts that emerge from daily Arab life, both back home and in the diaspora. Preserving the power of simple, yet hard-hitting grooves, he frames his thoughts through music, poetry and melodies. Such versatility and vision have also translated into him co-founding El Morabba3 and 47Soul. El Far3i still does occasional live collaborations with El Morabba3, and continues the powerful journey he started with 47Soul in 2013.