Bu Kolthoum

Syrian Sufi Hiphop

Mouneer Bu Kolthoum, or known as “Bu Kolthoum” Damascus’s well known soul and funk influenced music producer, whom knew at a young age that music was going to pave his way of life. Which after a decade or two led to the making of many -considered to be- Arabic alternative music new age’s classics. The Music Producer, Song Writer, Rapper and Singer was born in Damascus – Syria In 1991 to a religous Muslim family. Bu Kolthoum combines the “Tarab” music that sunk in his ears for years upon years growing up, with the Hip hop/Rnb and Soul Influences that shaped his project’s sounds for many years to come.

What distinguishes Bu Kolthoum is the variety of sounds he presents. for example, he introduced Sufi hop which was the new born of many musical influences he had, and it was an innovation to Sufism and Hiphop music’s approach. Another example is his Hiphop beats that are heavily Funk influenced and his rugged heavy flow on them. On to a whole different sound of his, the Soulful Rnb sound where he sings his heart out on the tracks that shed the light on his more vulnerable side, where he goes on bits of his personal story.