Bruno Cruz

Levantine Electronic Roots Revival

A seminal and key figure in Palestine’s contemporary music evolution, producer and DJ Bruno Cruz has been a vital contributor to the growth and foundation of the homegrown reggae, hip-hop and electronic scenes for over two decades. 

Helping shape the burgeoning rave and soundsystem scene in the early 2000s, he linked into numerous cross-country networks and peer collaboration, and with it gained a cunning vision into the sonic future of the Palestinian and the Levantine sound. With his astute collaborations, penchant for experimentation and support to the grassroots music culture, he has become one of the new faces of Palestinian music; an electrified new generation of Palestinian roots and folk, remixed and revived with his signature touch. 

Working with DAM, the pioneering Palestinian hip-hop group for over 10 years, his astute knowledge has helped redefine their live performances as well as shape their sampling and beats to create their fresh, and by now iconic, sound. In 2010, also he co-founded the iconic duo Ministry of Dub-Key, that fuses and pays homage to traditional folk, Dabke, Mijwez styles and combines it with dub, reggae and electronica.