Bachar Zarkan

A resilient harmony between Sufi music and poetry

From Ibn Arabi to Darwish – Sufi musical performance meets contemporary poetryStriking a resilient harmony between Sufi musical performance and contemporary poetry, Zarkan pays homage to the divine poetry of the Sufi mystics and thinkers such as Ibn Arabi, Ibn Al-Faridh, and Al-Hallaj, and extends its rich legacy to the work of contemporary poet and literary icon Mahmoud Darwish. Zarkan’s Damascus roots bring with them an enthralling conglomeration of Syrian and Egyptian musical heritage, one that, together with styles such as the Iraqi maqam, carry an innovative expressivity. Further testimony to Zarkan’s astonishing musical agility, the works are presented and based on the inner musicality of their text. The inherent ‘poetic word’ decides the rhythmic structure of the works, and through it, ingeniously couples authentic Arabic modes alongside contemporary Arabic music – bringing a remarkable distinction to an already astonishing musical culture.