Arabs with Synthesizers


Synthesizer music meets desert sounds

Arabs with Synthesizers is a collaboration between – you guessed it – two Arab artists. Electronic producer George Rizek first teamed up with multi-instrumentalist and producer Basel Naouri in Amman in 2015, and have recently re-launched the project in Berlin and London.

Basel and George create experimental, borderless music that is as inspired by their Arab heritage as it is by their daily moods, places they travel and people they meet. They use analog synthesizers to blend acoustic instrumentals with samples from daily life, minimal oriental interventions and a series of mysterious sonic encounters.

Often collaborating with powerful Arab vocalists, they appeal to both your Palestinian grandmother and your Aphex Twin-loving neighbour. Though much of their work carries Arabic elements, their aim is to push both the traditional and modern forward as their live sets embark on an eclectic journey through sound and emotion.