Amira Kheir

Sudanese-inspired soulful sounds

Sudanese music with Nubian and Niloitic melodies. Brushed with soul, jazz, rock and electric desert blues, her stellar sound has seen her nominated for the 2019 Songlines Awards for Best Artist and dubbed “The Diva of the Sudanese Desert” by the BBC. 

An artist able to write transversal, culture-crossing music, her live shows exude a magnetic communication between her spell-binding vocal abilities and her synergetic band members. Her distinctive contra-alto voice has mastered using Arabic, English and Italian, which range from undulating Sudanese pentatonic styles to soulful vibrato all in one breath. Meanwhile her live performances express themselves through improvisation, experimentation and an unmatchable energy. With three critically acclaimed albums under her belt, her current sound encapsulates a spell-binding celebration of ancient mystical East African roots that layers itself on an electric outer-space desert soundscape.