Hishek Bishek 11 A3 (1) (1)

Hishek Bishek 11 (Featuring Zenobia)

On the forefront of the Levant’s electronic music scene, Zenobia is Palestinian powerhouse ensemble that blends Arabic pop melodies spanning from Palestine to North Africa with electronic beats and synth grooves. Hailing from Haifa, the duo is composed of Nasser Halahlih (electronics and synth) and Isam Elias (keyboards and synthesizer), who mix their set with […]


Le Trio Joubran – The Long March Album Release

Oud masters and innovators Le Trio Joubran perform music from a career spanning fifteen years including their anticipated new album The Long March. From a family steeped in Arabic music, the three brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran have been touring the world with their ouds for the past fifteen years. Through their mesmerizing songs they attempt […]


Rachid Gholam – Live in Cambridge

Reviving the cultural treasure of the Muwashshah, Rachid Gholam’s stunning ensemble pays homage to the poetry, melody and form of one of the most iconic forms of classical Arabic music. Originally travelling from ancient Arabia to Andalusia with the legendary musician Zeryab in the 5th century, the Muwashshah developed in form, both lyrically and musically, across […]


Case of Arabic Hip Hop 6: El Rass & Missy Ness

Lebanese hip-hop legend El Rass meets Tunisian DJ Missy Ness for the 6th edition of this popular showcase series dedicated to presenting some of the Arab world’s finest underground hip-hop artists, producers and DJs. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE El Rass, rapper and producer from Lebanon, explores the possibilities of the Arabic language and pushes the frontiers […]


Hishek Bishek 10 – Sounds of the Middle East Underground

London’s most pulsing Arabic electronica party is back. HISHEK BISHEK 10th EDITION TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE HERE Journeying through the fascinating and bass-heavy musical landscape of the Middle East’s burgeoning electronic music scenes, Hishek Bishek has emerged to become London’s most pulsing Arabic Electronic party. From cutting-edge releases to bootleg wedding recordings, killer Mahraganat tracks and […]

Lena7 (1)

Lena Chamamyan

Lena Chamamyan returns to London with her ensemble for a full-length charity concert in support of Breast Cancer Hope, a vital organisation dedicated to funding research to improve the lives of women with breast cancer. An award-winning singer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from Syria, Chamamyan revives Syrian, Armenian and Bahraini folkloric songs with modern styles, creating […]

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Cairokee UK Tour 2018

CAIROKEE UK TOUR 2018 Birmingham | Manchester | Liverpool | London Articulating the many elements of contemporary Egyptian society that drive their generation, Cairokee’s music balances rock and spacious electronica with hints of pop and chaabi. Their anthemic calls for freedom, self-reflection and societal changes are an innate reflection of their phenomenal song-writing abilities and fan […]

Dwarfs of East Agouza event banner

The Dwarfs of East Agouza

In 2012, Cairo’s shuffling Agouza district gave birth to one of the most hypnotic trios to emerge from Egypt’s alternative scene – The Dwarfs of East Agouza. The trio’s instrumental improvisation-based explorations have since been propelled by North African percussion loops and quivering keys, West African tinged free jazz guitar, and grounded by driving Krautrock-style […]


Bachar Zarkan presents: The Hallaj of Hope – London & Manchester

As part of MARSM’s spring programme, we are showcasing the enduring legacy and spirit of Sufi music, a spiritual branch within Islam that ascertains the nature of humanity and God, and the presence of divine love in the world. Through this newly commissioned concert, audiences will see the mesmerising character of Sufi musical performance and […]