Marsm Presents: Makkam w/ ArteriaFM & MOZÃO

A Glorified House Party for All of You Music Lovers, Record Collectors and Smooth Groovers. Let’s Spin the Night Away! MARSM UK is excited to collaborate with London grassroots music collective Makkam to bring you our anticipated End of Year Party! ARTERIA FM Artéria FM has become a popular name through her vivid live electronic […]

Cairokee: ‘Ugly Ducklings’ UK Album Premier

Articulating the many elements of contemporary Egyptian society that drive their generation, Cairokee’s music balances rock and spacious electronica with hints of pop and chaabi. Their anthemic calls for freedom, self-reflection and societal changes are an innate reflection of their phenomenal song-writing abilities and fan base, and have placed them at the top of Egypt’s […]

Joseph Tawadros – The Art of the Oud

Multi award-winning Oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros returns to London for an intimate solo recital full of surprises.  Born in Cairo and raised in Sydney, acclaimed Oud player Joseph Tawadros is one of Australian music’s most impressive and charismatic figures. A composer, improviser and storyteller, Joseph’s virtuoso technique and adventurous curiosity bring world music, jazz and […]

Hamza Namira

Described as the ‘new Sayed Darwish’, songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Hamza Namira has become one of the leading figures in Egypt and the Middle East’s music scene.   A luminous expression of resilience and ambition, Namira uses his work to explore and engage with the wider social issues of today. With his unique combination of Egyptian […]

Sharmoofers [UK Debut]

Making their anticipated UK debut, MARSM UK is proud to present Sharmoofers, the Middle East’s urban ear-worm music pioneers and legendary pop icons from Egypt’s vibrant alternative music scene.   Founded in 2012 by Ahmed Bahaa and Moe El-3rkan, the band has become known for their Middle East power fusion of upbeat tempos, Arabic reggae-ska […]

Shkoon / Rima Album Tour / London

MARSM UK & The Jazz Cafe are proud to announce all-conquering electronic trio Shkoon‘s biggest London show to date at The Jazz Cafe. Launching their anticipated new album ‘Rima – ريما’, the renowned Syrian/German electronic trio returns to London for a headline show. Combining Arabic scales and folklore with classical harmonic structures and electronica, their […]

Umm Kulthum & The Golden Era

Dubbed Egypt’s 4th Pyramid, Umm Kulthum is the woman whose musical legacy sculpted Arab history and engraved women’s voices into the consciousness of the Arab world. This powerful musical covers her most mesmerising works spanning from the 1920’s up to the 1970’s, culminating in her iconic performance at Paris’ L’Olympia. Making its highly anticipated worldwide […]

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler (’Wa’ – Album Release)

MARSM UK and Kings Place present: Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler (’Wa’ – Album Release) The scintillating oud/electronics duo return for the release of their third album ‘Wa’. Musician, composer and one of the most revered figures for today’s younger generation of experimental and alternative Arabic music scenes, Kamilya Jubran – كاميليا جبران (text, oud […]

Alaa Abu Diab [Arabic stand-up comedy] علاء أبو دياب عرض كوميدي

The acclaimed Palestinian stand-up comedian makes his London return. After making his UK debut last year, acclaimed Palestinian comedian Alaa Abu Diab returns to London with his cutting-edge wit and hilarious political commentary. After a successful year which saw him tour several cities in the Middle East (Pale/Jor/Leb/Kuwait/Emirates/Qatar) and Europe (including Berlin and Paris) and […]

Hishek Bishek 16 (Bass and Beats from the Middle East)

– Last Hishek Bishek of the year! – Paying homage to the Middle East’s popular music history, Hishek Bishek UK – هشك بشك is a pulsing club night dedicated to the region’s vibrant sonic (sub)cultures. From the synthed-out 90’s dancefloor hits, to bass-heavy Palestinian electronic dabke and the newest releases from Cairo’s underground, Hishek Bishek […]