Lekhfa & Tamer Nafar FB 02

Lekhfa Live in Liverpool

Alternative Egyptian Electronic meets Palestinian Hip Hop From dystopian poetry to bass-heavy to stripped down Egyptian dance tracks, MARSM and LAAF (Liverpool Arab Arts Festival) present a captivating concert by Lekhfa, one of the most enticing musical projects making headlines and pushing the boundaries of Egypt’s burgeoning underground music scene. LEKHFA Lekhfa is the brainchild […]

Lekhfa & Tamer Nafar FB 01

Lekhfa & Tamer Nafar UK Tour

Double Bill:  Lekhfa & Tamer Nafar (from DAM) Alternative Egyptian Electronic meets Palestinian Hip Hop  MARSM presents a captivating double-bill of some of the Middle East’s most trailblazing alternative musicians. From dystopian poetry to bass-heavy hip-hop beats and stripped down Egyptian dance tracks, this show celebrates the contemporary musical projects making headlines and pushing the […]


Oxford Maqam at Brunei Gallery

Hailed as “revolutionary” and “powerfully atmospheric” by Songlines magazine, Oxford Maqam‘s stunning renditions pay an influential homage to Egypt’s early musical theatre and the creative and stylistic developments of the ‘Nahda’ Era, the Renaissance of the Arab world. In this concert, the UK’s premier Arabic ensemble returns to London’s Brunei Gallery in what is their […]

Hamza Namira FB

Hamza Namira – Album Debut

Hailed as the “new Sayed Darwish”, Hamza Namira is one of the most celebrated faces of modern Arabic music. A songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist from Egypt, Hamza has become a luminous expression of his homeland’s resilience and ambition. Emerging as a major public figure, most notably since the Egyptian revolution of 2011, he uses his […]

Hishek Bishek 8 FB-

Hishek Bishek 8 – Sounds of the Middle East Underground

Hishek Bishek 8 هشك بشك ٨ London’s most pulsing Arabic Electronic Party is back again. From Egyptian Maharaganat to Arabic Trap and Palestinian Electro-Dabke, catch the sounds of the Middle East’s underground. Taking over the downstairs of Electrowerkz, we’re bringing a late-night Arabic street party to East London’s most welcoming alternative live music venue. From cutting […]

Trio Joubran FB 02

Trio Joubran live at Cadogan Hall

MARSM and AM Management & Productions are proud to present the evocative and trailblazing, three Joubran brothers, Samir, Wissam and Adnan, hailing from a Palestinian family synonymous with rich musical heritage of the Oud. Playing together with percussionist Youssef Hbeisch, they craft complex and remarkably varied compositions that pay tribute to the instrument’s history, while revitalising its contemporary […]

sounds of resistance banner IAW18

Sounds of Resistance – IAW ’18 ft. Benjamin Zephaniah & more!

As part of Israel Apartheid Week 2018, War on Want and Artists For Palestine UK aren’t missing a beat, presenting a compelling and unmistakable musical showcase of some of the leading musical wordsmiths of our time. The evening is dedicated to the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people and their fight for justice, standing up […]